Scholarly Misconduct

  • Law, Regulation and Practice
  • Ian Freckleton QC
  • Oxford University Press
  • ISBN 978 019 875540 1
  • £60; Paperback
Scholarly Misconduct
This book is written by a leading Australian scholar and looks at the various forms of scholarly misconduct, their incidence in Australia and elsewhere, their consequences and the responses to them.

The forms of misconduct analysed are many: including plagiarism, conflicts of interest, forensic misconduct and sexual misconduct. The author references a raft of cases from around the world.

ELAS members grappling for example with difficult cases involving sexual misconduct may find assistance in the analysis provided of cases ranging from sexual harassment in academia to the dynamics of the scholar-student relationship. Similarly, those advising on plagiarism may find useful cases discussed, although will be in need to bear in mind that the case law focus is not specifically on the UK.

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