“Transition to Adulthood” No Spaces Available

Event Details

  • Location: Outer Temple Chambers, 222 Strand, London WC2R 1BA.
  • Date: 1st May 2018
  • Time: 5PM

Event Description

Alex Line (Outer Temple Chambers) will be discussing “Transition to Adulthood, with the  focus of the talk being the relationship between the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Care Act 2014, in particular the duties relating to assessment of children under the latter in anticipation of them requiring social care and support after they turn 18”. Alex is passionate about Education Law and has recently been involved in a judicial review of particular relevance to this discussion group. He has  a broad range of experience including special educational needs; civil claims involving schools, colleges and universities; claims of discrimination arising in education; internal hearings in schools and universities; fitness to practice issues concerning university students and teachers; admissions and exclusion; and public law claims in the education context.

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